Who Are U?

We understand that being a woman in Cairo can be tasking. From taking care of   ourselves, our jobs, our social life, and our family — our lives tend to a demanding   routine with only very little time reserved for traffic jams. Accommodating the   meticulous yet integral aspect of comfort, style and versatility adds another layer of   mental taxation. Whether you’re a rapid multitasker or a chilled out individual, we   all strive to be happy and comfortable throughout our day. When we got together   as a family, we asked ourselves how can we serve every woman in Egypt no matter   where she is and what she wants to do? U Athleisure comes from empowering   Egyptian women of all diversities to achieve their goals without scrummaging   through expensive foreign brands, trying to find the right fit for the right occasion.   We’re all about convenience. One hundred percent Egyptian, and one hundred   percent made for U: for your every need, every task, everyday and everywhere.

Our Mission:

Our brand is tailored to you and your needs. We want you to be who you are: free,   energetic, active, adventurous, and beautiful in everything you do.   
U is all about you: offering versatility, diversity, flexibility, mobility, comfort and   the style you deserve while doing the things you’re passionate about anywhere,   anytime.   

Our Company:

Founded in Egypt, U is Fashion Knit’s latest project. Our company specificalizes   in the production of all kinds of fabrics to help serve all consumer needs. Fashion   Knit Co. mainly produces circular knitted fabrics and knitwear appeal which is   used in a wide variety of products such as polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatpants,   leggings… you name it. We’re also available in both local and export markets   spreading our creations in and outside Egypt.  


Crafted by Egyptian hands, using fabrics manufactured by Egyptian knitting mills,   our garments are local and homegrown, promoting our economy and your comfort   from trusted suppliers. From cotton to polyester yarns we’re all about variety and   diversity, ready to create what you need, whenever you need it.   

We’ve been in the textile business since 1965 and our passion and dedication has   been passed down to two generations of our family. Our slogan is precision,   consistency, quality and innovation and we intend to live up to it.   

Our Team:

What happens when you put two engineers, a personal trainer/operations manager,   a journalist, and a marketing professional together? You get U Athleisure. We are a   family business run by four siblings and our sister-in-law with the help of our   decades-long run in the fabric and textile industry. We all lead completely separate   lives, but with a common love for fitness, comfort, and fashion. Our products   reflect our diversity, with many of them made to be worn in at least two different   ways, for several different looks, fit for all occasions.   

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