Return & Exchange Policies

Item not fitting right? Don’t worry about it. Our exchange and return policy is   simple and affordable.  
For exchange/returns:   
1) Send us a message on any of our platforms (website, Instagram, Facebook or   even Whatsapp us directly) with your new order/size or color.   

2) Tell us the reason for the exchange.  

3) Give the courier your previously purchased item. Once the item is returned   we’ll set the courier out with the new one.   

4) Send us a feedback message confirming you’ve received your new item.   

Our Policy:   

-We offer a one week return/exchange leeway.   

-Our days of operation are Saturday to Wednesday.  

– Cost of exchange or returns are 50 L.E.   

– Our delivery time is 48-72 hours. Due to COVID-19, our delivery times   might take a little longer, ranging from 48 hours to a week depending on the   country’s circumstances (curfews/lockdowns)  

– You cannot exchange items with the courier. Your item must return to our   facilities first. This is a set standard with any delivery service.  

– There is a price difference that must be paid if you’re exchanging one   product for a different one (does not apply to different colors or sizes).   

– If your item was delivered damaged or defaulted then delivery fees are   waived and you may exchange it, cost-free.   

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