Our Technology

The Fabric     

U-Dri leggings are high performance sportswear made of 85% microfibre polyester   and 15% elastane, designed to keep you cool and dry in hot and humid conditions.   The fabric is lightweight and soft to the touch, enhancing its comfort and   durability.    

The Benefits     

U-Dri leggings are made to absorb moisture from your skin by moving it   throughout the fabric where it evaporates to the surface, eliminating sweat stains   whilst keeping you dry and clean. Its breathable material keeps the air circulating   through the fabric and to the skin ensuring the best comfort during high-intensity   exercise regimes and day to day activities.     

How Will It Suit U?    

From the gym enthusiast to the yoggie, our U-Dri leggings are designed for all   forms of physical activities. The mission is to keep your body feeling cool and   comfortable especially after a long, humid day or a tough workout. It’s flexible and   breathable, keeping everything intact while also providing you with the comfort of   free movement and durability.     


We understand the frustration that comes with unwanted odors and uncomfortable   rashes after a long day. Our products are designed to keep you and your leggings   safe with our antimicrobial fabrics. While you’re hard at work, so are your new   leggings. Antimicrobial fabrics prevent the growth of microorganisms and protect   your activewear from decomposition. Laundering alone can only do so much, but with our new fabrics your leggings are staying clean and preventing odor-causing   bacteria from growing. This means less washing, less work, and more comfort.   

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